Why Join?

  Perfect Email Address - whether you work at home, you're based at home, or just want separate email at home
  Exact.Name@home.co.uk - fed up being my_name_73@free.service? - @home.co.uk is an exclusive service - you can get the name you want - Check Now
  Webmail, POP3 and IMAP - access your email however you want - and all the features you'd expect of a world-class premier email service - see Email Service Features
  Advert-Free - see Our Guarantees
  Financial Rewards - recruit a new subscriber and we'll refund a quarter of your annual payment - see Reward Scheme
  Certainty - never have to change your email address again - your @home.co.uk email address remains yours for life - providing you pay subscription fees and comply with our Terms & Conditions
  Help Available - extensive online help - additional support by email
  Reliable - available 24x7 with minimum down-time - hosted on a highly redundant, multi-server, multi-router infrastructure maintained in two geographically dispersed data centres
  ISP Freedom - are you trapped with your ISP because they hold your email? - moving to @home.co.uk email gives you the independence to switch ISPs - while allowing you to read your old email
  Secure - SSL protected POP3, IMAP & SMTP - hosted on enhanced open-source software - your files backed up daily
  No Lock-In - forward your email to another address - export your email folders and address book - on leaving your @home.co.uk address can continue to forward your email for free! - see Our Guarantees
  Separate From Work - keep your personal emails out of your work inbox - you can check @home.co.uk email from work or home
  Paid-For Service - we will always be financially sound to run your email - and we don't need to hassle you to buy anything
  No Deletion - we won't delete your emails and contacts just because you don't log in

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