Our Guarantees

Why are we even better than other email providers?

  No Adverts - @home.co.uk email will never display adverts nor include them in our emails
  Privacy - we will never voluntarily release any of your details to any third party and we ask for only minimal information
  Flexible - you can change your @home.co.uk email address if you want
  Certainty - your @home.co.uk email address remains yours for life - providing you pay subscription fees and comply with our Terms & Conditions
  Respect - we will never scan your emails (except to protect you from incoming spam)
  No Hassle - any emails we send you will be infrequent and limited to service announcements
  Refund Friendly - you can give notice at any time and receive a refund for time not used - if you cancel within the first 7 days we'll return your subscription cost in full
  No Lock-In - if you want to leave you can keep your @home.co.uk email address forwarding to your next email account free of charge for a period equal to the length of time you have been with us (subject to a year maximum) - and you can export your mail files and address book

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