Email Service Features

  10GB Mailbox - possibly too much space!
  POP3 and IMAP4 access - access your email however you want
  Webmail - fast, user-friendly and feature-rich - see Webmail Features
  SMTP Server - send email independently of your ISP, eg from a laptop connected anywhere
  Spam DNA Filtering® - a complex set of constantly updating rules to keep spam at bay - see Spam-Filtering.pdf
  Spam Control - set spam sensitivity - send to Spam folder, forward to another address or delete immediately - build a White List of trusted senders
  Secure POP3, IMAP & SMTP - SSL-encryption for additional security - compatible with Outlook, Eudora and others
  Massive Attachment Sizes - up to 25MB
  Email Forwarding - forward your email wherever you want
  Vacation Message - cover while you're away
  Virus Scanning - protects you from sending and receiving computer viruses and dangerous attachments - see Virus-Scanning.pdf

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