Webmail Features

  No Adverts - a faster, uncluttered service
  HTML Email - write emails in HTML or plain text - see Screenshot
  Personal Address Book - set up mailing groups - import from (and export to) other email programs
  Multiple Identities - choose any From name and From address
  Custom Signatures - display your contacts details - no plugs for @home.co.uk
  Filter Rules - test incoming email and then delete, move to any folder or forward to another address
  Enhanced Search - search for emails within specific folders and specific fields (body, subject, from, to, cc)
  Printer Friendly - emails that fit to the size of your printer
  External POP3 Access - gather all your email from many accounts into one
  Email Export - export whole folders of emails into multiple formats for use in alternative email programs
  IMAP Folders - all webmail folders are IMAP folders, which can be shared between Webmail and any IMAP client
  Preview Pane - quickly navigate email messages, while maintaining a view of the rest of the folder - can be turned on and off - see Screenshot
  Conversation View - quickly view all emails that were part of a conversation string (as long as all of the messages are stored in a single folder)
  Folders And Sub-folders - create an unlimited hierarchical folder structure
  Message Actions - Flag for Follow Up, Remove Flag, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Export to Zip
  Message Priority - an email marked as "urgent" will display an exclamation icon beside it in the folder
  Purge Folder - quickly delete all messages in a folder eg Trash, Spam
  Microsoft Rich Text Format - support for viewing and replying to emails that were sent in Microsoft Rich Text format (MS-TNEF)
  Frequent Contacts - select contacts in the address book that will be displayed on the "Compose Mail" screen making it quicker to add them to the address fields
  Address Auto-complete - when typing an address into the address fields on the "Compose Mail" screen, webmail will attempt to match partially typed names against your address book - if a match is found, click and have the rest of the address automatically filled in

Screenshots: Inbox | Compose

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