Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about email

POP3 Questions

1.1 What desktop email programs does support?
1.2 Why do I keep receiving the same emails over and over again via POP3?
1.3 How can I test to see if I can reach your POP3 server?
1.4 When I test MS Outlook XP and an error tells me that I cannot reach the POP3 server, what does that mean?
1.5 When I attempt to send/receive email in Outlook, why does a message prompt me for my username and password?

SMTP Questions

2.1 What problems are occurring if I can't send mail via your SMTP server?
2.2 Why is my ISP not allowing me to send email through your SMTP server?
2.3 What is a "550 not local host" error message in MS Outlook when sending email?
2.4 MS Outlook has been working fine lately but today I am having problems. Why?
2.5 Why do you require SMTP Authentication when configuring MS Outlook?
2.6 When I attempt to send/receive email in Outlook, a message prompts me for my username and password. Why is this?
2.7 How I you set up SMTP authentication for Goldmine?
2.8 Are there any firewalls that may interfere with SMTP Authentication?

Spam Settings

3.1 What can I do if a legitimate email is filtered as Spam?
3.2 What can I do if Spam bypasses your filters and reaches my inbox?
3.3 How do I find a message header?
3.4 Can filtered emails be set to periodically delete from a Webmail "junk mail" folder?
3.5 Will Spam filtering work if I am using MS Outlook?
3.6 Can I adjust the sensitivity on my Spam Filtering?
3.7 What happens to Spam once it is filtered?
3.8 Why am I receiving Spam that is not even addressed to me?
3.9 Can filter External POP mail?
3.10 If I have set up an alias address that delivers to an email account not hosted with, will it be scanned for spam and viruses?


4.1 Why did I receive an email with a “winmail.dat” file attachment?
4.2 What file types are restricted from being sent or received?
4.3 How large of an attachment can I send?


5.1 Why can't I ping or trace route to your servers?
5.2 What is the difference between the vacation response and an Auto-Reply feature?
5.3 What software does run on its servers?
5.4 How does perform data backups and data restores?
5.5 What does it mean if I get a bounced email that says "maildir over quota?"
5.6 If I come across an error in Webmail or Outlook and the support team requests a screen shot, how do submit that to them?
5.7 What is SSL?

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