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  I am generating large phone bills using dial up to access my email
  I am going on holidays and want to:
  1. check email while away using other people's computers (eg. at an Internet Café)
  2. configure my laptop to use on holiday
  3. let people know that I am away
  4. forward any emails that I receive while I am away
  I want to move from my existing email provider to and:
  1. my existing email account is webmail (eg. Hotmail)
  2. my existing email account is provided by my ISP
  I have a new email address and want to:
  1. leave @home service completely
  2. gradually move my emails from @home
  3. use both @home and my new address, but with my new address as my primary
  I want to ensure the emails I send and receive are secure
  The SMTP server that I am using, either my ISP's server or @home's, is unreliable
  I want to use IMAP so that I can check my email from many different computers
  My mailbox frequently fills up and I am using:
  1. Webmail
  2. Outlook
  3. IMAP
  I am having difficulty downloading large emails using a dialup connection.
  I want to reduce the amount of Spam I am receiving in my:
  1. Outlook
  2. webmail

The following help documents are available:
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  How To Set Up Mail Forwarding
  How To Set Up a Reply Address
  How To Transfer Your Address Book
  How To Add an Additional Account to Outlook
  How To Create a Signature and/or Identity using Outlook
  How To Create a Signature and/or Identity using Webmail
  How To Set Up SSL
  How To Configure Outlook for Large Email Files
  How To Use @home Email Filters
  How To Use @home Spam Settings
  How To Change Outlook Delivery Options

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